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At Dog Gone Fun, one of the most important parts of our mission is to strengthen and give back to our communities to make Michigan a better place. Our goal is to partner with a non-profit organization that aligns with our business objectives as well as creates opportunities for our customers, team members, and company to make a difference in the lives of others and their communities.

Beer City Biscuits Dog Gone Fun Okemos MI

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Beer City Dog Biscuits! Beer City is a non-profit dog biscuit retailer based in Grand Rapids, but they are far from ordinary! They partner with Founders Brewing Company to obtain all-natural grains to make their dog biscuits in-house.

The biscuits are made from scratch every day by “Brew Bakers” comprising of adults with disabilities. Beer City Dog Biscuits’ entire operation is tailored to meet the unique abilities of each employee, enabling them to participate in every aspect of the business.

Take a minute to check them out:

Watch the Beer City Dog Biscuits Video >>

We recently had the opportunity to tour and meet the Beer City team to better understand their business, interact with their employees, and learn more about their mission to empower the disabled. It was overwhelming to see the pride and accomplishment of every employee during our first visit.

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Okeoms MI Dog Boarding Beer City Biscuits
Okeoms MI Dog Grooming Beer City Biscuits

Our Commitment:

To identify opportunities for our Dog Gone Fun family to participate in Beer City Dog Biscuits for ongoing success.

  • Dog Gone Fun will be a retailer of Beer City Dog Biscuits and give 100% of the proceeds back to Beer City.
  • Each year we will donate 100% of our daycare proceeds on our anniversary date of June 29 to Beer City.

We at Dog Gone Fun hope that our partnership with Beer City Dog Biscuits will help support and grow their mission of empowering the disabled. We will be selling Beer City biscuits at Dog Gone Fun and hope that you and your dog(s) will grow to love their brand just as much as we do.

The Dog Gone Fun family has donated $9,763.98 through June 2023!

Doge Gone Fun Beer City Biscuits Okemos MI
Beer City Biscuits Dog Gone Fun Okemos MI