5 Training Tips For New Dog Owners Okemos, MI

As a pet owner, you will always remember the day you brought home your new puppy. However, it’s important that you get off on the right paw with the latest addition to your family. With our puppy training tips, you’ll know what you can expect in the upcoming months. Being a dog owner is a commitment, but a worthwhile one.

For help with puppy or dog training, call our dog trainers in East Lansing today. Always remember, certain dog breeds are more prone to stubbornness or resisting training than others.

1. Start with Simple Commands

Start with “no” and “good” to help your new puppy distinguish between good and bad behavior. Saying “no” in a stern voice lets your dog know that what they’re doing isn’t appropriate behavior. Saying “good” in a cheerful tone means that you approve of what they’re doing at that moment. You’ll want your puppy to recognize these words between 2 and 3 months of age.

Once your dog has learned the difference between good and bad behavior, they’re ready to move onto more complex commands such as sitting or lying down at around 12 to 16 weeks of age. 

It’s important that you develop a good foundation for your puppy so that they grow up learning to follow commands. If you have recently adopted a puppy, we recommend starting puppy training classes as soon as possible.

2. Reward Your Puppy for Recognizing Their Name

Say your puppy’s name and reward them with a treat when they turn their head or otherwise acknowledge you. Doing this will help your puppy get used to paying attention to you when you say their name. At our puppy school, we use reward-based training to help your puppy grow up to be loyal, obedient, and confident. 

During our puppy training classes, we teach you the best ways to form a strong bond with the latest member of your family. Rewarding your puppy for recognizing their name will give them the incentive they need to pay attention to your commands. In other words, your puppy will be more likely to respond to their name because they’ll remember being rewarded for it in the past.

3. Be Consistent

Being consistent during puppy training can be tough since puppies require so much love and care. However, being consistent in training has big payoffs. First of all, your dog will grow up to respect your commands and will learn that you mean what you say. 

You don’t want to end up being a dog owner whose pet calls the shots. Our puppy and dog training classes are just as beneficial for you as they are for your dog because they teach you how to be consistent.

4. Get Puppy Used to Being Handled

This is key before 12 weeks of age. You’ll be able to provide better puppy care once your new pet gets used to being handled. Over the course of your dog’s life, you will be responsible for brushing teeth, trimming nails, giving baths, and much more.

To make this easier on yourself, get your puppy comfortable with being handled so that they’ll accept when it’s time to give them a pill or brush their fur. At Dog Gone Fun, we will also be doing a lot of this through our puppy program to reinforce what the parents are doing at home.

5. Socialize Puppy with Humans and Pets

Puppies are often adopted to be members of the family. For this reason, it’s important that you socialize your puppy by teaching them the right way to act around humans and pets. In the beginning of puppy training classes, use the words “good” and “no” to reinforce good behavior. You’ll want to teach your dog to be gentle so you won’t have to worry about them jumping up on small children or biting strangers.

If you follow our advice, you and your new puppy will get along in no time. Not only should your dog learn to respect your commands, but they will also be a loyal companion for you and your family.

The sooner you start puppy classes, the more quickly your pet will begin to trust and respect you. It’s much easier to create good habits while your puppy is young than to break habits engrained over years.

Take a Puppy Training Class

Our dog and puppy training classes in East Lansing are designed to help you form a better connection with your pet. To enroll in one of our dog training courses, call Dog Gone Funtoday at (517) 204-7344.

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