Okemos Dog Training

Dog Gone Fun is excited to offer a very special PUPPY PROGRAM, designed to help your puppy grow into a socialized, balanced, and fun-loving companion! We have a lot of options for puppy socialization and training.

Puppyhood is a critical time to develop these skills to increase good behavior and positive life experiences, while decreasing fears, anxieties, and bad habits later in life.

We start with Puppy Daycare. 

We provide early-socialization exposure to puppies 12 weeks and older through puppy daycare. Owners can choose from half-day or full-day daycare. We encourage puppies to start with half-day daycare to expose, but not overwhelm them. As they master the half-day experience, then can advance to a full day of puppy play. 

  • Half-day AM is from 7:00 AM to noon
  • Half-day PM is from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Full-day daycare puppies can be dropped off any time after 7:00 AM and picked up any time before 6:00 PM

The puppies will be spoiled with their very own dedicated indoor play area and rotate to outdoor play, just like adult doggy daycare. 

Food & Naps:

We will be scheduling nap time from 11:30AM to 12:30PM daily for those puppies participating in full-day daycare. 

If your puppy is younger than 9 months, and still eating lunch, please bring their food in a zip lock baggie with their name on it. They will be served lunch at the beginning of their nap/rest time.

Transition to Adult Daycare

As puppies grow and mature in their daycare play skills, they can advance to adult doggy daycare. Every puppy is unique in their growth and development (just like humans!) so the timing of the transition to adult daycare will be customized for each dog. All puppies must be spayed or neutered to attend adult daycare. 

Training During Daycare

Our trained staff will also incorporate some basic obedience activities into the day. We will work on and reward name recognition, “sit,” door manners, and proper play. 

We will also introduce puppies to basic agility equipment including the floor ladder, platform, hoop, and jumps. 

Training and Obedience Options

Basic 1 Obedience

Basic 1 Obedience ($165, nonrefundable, due at time of enrollment) is a 6-week course that includes a DGF treat training bag and starter goodies. The class includes working on “sit,” “down,” “stay,” loose-leash walking, “leave it,” socialization, and some added student requests (like maybe potty-training tips ☺).THE PERFECT CLASS FOR PUPPIES!

Stay and Train 30 minutes

You can add 30 minutes of training to your puppy’s daycare day at any time. Work with our front desk team to schedule a training session. 

Individual Training Options:

ONE-ON-ONE DOG TRAINING with the trainer and you at Dog Gone Fun!

  • $65 per hour
  • $360 for a package of 6 1-hour sessions

Puppy Program Requirements:

This program is for puppies ages 12 weeks and older. 

To enroll, your puppy must have: First two sets of puppy shots, including Bordetella and canine influenza vaccinations

Be sure to tell your vet at your first checkup that your dog will be spending a lot of time around other dogs.