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Before we accept dogs and puppies into our doggy day care, dog boarding, and puppy training classes, we observe how they interact with others. Our trained Okemos doggy daycare providers at Dog Gone Fun can also intervene when they spot stressful dog behavior.

As a dog owner, it's important you recognize when your dog is stressed and needs some space. When a dog feels scared or threatened, the best thing to do is to leave them alone until they calm down.

Here’s how to recognize a few common stress signals in dogs and avoid escalation.

Your Dog May Show They’re Stressed By:

Frequently Yawning

Your dog may yawn more than usual if they’re feeling nervous and want to avoid confrontation. Of course, dogs also yawn when they’re tired so how can you tell the difference? Well, nervous yawning is typically more frequent and longer compared to when they’re sleepy.

Whining or Barking

It depends on the context, but if stressed, dogs may have a hard time controlling how much they bark or whine. Basically, it’s like an automatic response to an anxiety-inducing situation, i.e., a trip to the vet. When excessive barking or whining is unusual for your dog, it’s best to take note and assess the environment they’re in.

Turning Their Body Away

A stressed dog may turn their body away from you in an effort to de-escalate a situation. Many dog owners think their pets are ignoring them when they turn their bodies away from their gaze or cameras. In reality, their dogs are trying to calm themselves or their owners.

Walking Away

Choosing to walk away from an unfamiliar person, animal, or situation because your dog doesn't feel safe can indicate that they’re under stress. If a dog walks away from you when you try to pet them, don’t take it personally and give them some space.

Pulling Their Ears Back

If your dog has their ears completely pulled back, they may be scared or trying to show that they aren't a threat to a human or other animal. For example, a dog may pull their ears completely back if someone yells at them. This can also happen when they hear a loud noise like a firework going off on the 4th of July.

Tucking Their Tail Between Their Legs

A frightened dog might tuck their tail between their legs to show that they aren't a threat. The lowered tail lets other animals know that they're submissive and won't challenge them. If your dog has their tail tucked between their legs, give them some space or try to remove them from the situation that's scaring them. This body language lets you know that your dog is afraid of being hurt.

Lying Down with One Paw Tucked In

If your dog is trying to avoid a person, animal, or situation, they may try to hide and make themselves as small as possible. If you don't leave a stressed dog alone, they could believe you're a threat and bite you. Give your dog the space they need to calm down and feel safe.

Freezing and Staring

Among humans, eye contact is a way to connect with other people and show that you're paying attention. Among dogs, staring is a threat. When a dog holds their body very still and stares at you, avert your gaze and turn your head to show that you mean no harm.

Hold very still to avoid escalating the situation to a bite. When a dog freezes and stares it's usually because they are experiencing high levels of stress and fear. Keep your distance until your stressed dog calms down.


When your dog growls at you, they are warning you to stay away. Never punish your dog for growling. Growling is your dog's way of letting you know he or she is about to bite.

If your dog starts to growl it can mean that you are pushing past a boundary where they no longer feel comfortable and safe. The best thing to do is to stop whatever you're doing and stay very still. Once your dog stops growling, move a safe distance away.

Snapping or Biting

When a dog is pushed to their outermost limit of stress and fear, they may lash out. Keep in mind that the escalation of stress and fear leading up to a bite can happen in a matter of seconds. Each dog is different and will respond to stress in different ways.

It's important to understand that a stressed dog may skip some of the steps listed here, especially if they feel the need to act quickly. Not recognizing the signs of dog anxiety is the quickest way to get bitten.

Most dogs are friendly and wish to avoid confrontation. However, if we ignore their signs of stress, they could feel the need to protect themselves. Just because your dog has never bitten in the past, doesn't mean they won't bite if they feel threatened. At our dog and puppy day care, we do everything we can to make sure your dog feels safe and happy.

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