How to bathe puppy, Okemos MI

If you have a new puppy, you’ll soon learn something important about dog ownership: dogs are messy! They’re masters of getting into things they’re not allowed to have, like food and drinks, and they love rolling around outside, especially if it’s muddy. Even the most careful dog owner is going to need to learn how to give their puppy a bath sooner or later.

However, bathing a dog isn’t as easy as just hosing them down or scrubbing them in the tub. You need to use the right supplies and techniques in order to avoid harming your pup. Here are a few important things to know about how to safely bathe your puppy.

1. Determine the supplies you need.

The type of dog shampoo you need can vary depending on your dog’s breed. Dogs with long or curly coats might require different shampoo than short-haired dogs. Do some research into the best dog shampoo for your dog’s breed. Also, make sure it’s formulated not to irritate a dog’s eyes. 

2. Be aware of temperature.

No one loves a scalding hot bath, but even a temperature that feels moderately warm to you might be too hot for your dog. Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, so they tend to be more sensitive to heat. You want to make sure the water you’re using is lukewarm, not hot. 

3. Avoid the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

It should be a no-brainer that your pup won’t like it if you get water in their eyes, but you should be careful when washing their head and face on a larger level, too. If water gets trapped in your puppy’s ear, it can lead to an ear infection. 

It’s best to avoid getting water in your dog’s ears, nose, and mouth to avoid discomfort and keep your pup healthy. Getting your dog’s head wet will make them more likely to want to shake, so save this part for last! 

4. Rinse well. 

If you don’t properly rinse the shampoo from your dog’s coat, it can irritate their skin and make them itch. Be sure that you rinse more than you think you have to in order to make sure you get all the soap out of your dog’s fur. 

Some puppies have denser or curlier coats than others. Be extra thorough when rinsing these types of dogs to make sure no shampoo gets left behind. 

5. Make it a habit. 

While many puppies don’t enjoy the bathing process at first, the more you do it, the more they’ll get used to it. If you reward your dog with treats every time they take a bath and bathe them regularly enough, they’ll associate bath time with a delicious reward, reducing their fear of the process. 

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