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Typically, you don’t want to feed your pet human foods, but when it comes to your dog there are a few meal-add-ons that our Okemos, MI, dog daycare experts recommend mixing into their bowl. 

These meal options are safe for your dog and may even offer added benefits like important proteins, amino acids, and probiotics. Of course, all of these treats should be given in moderation, and never if your dog has any allergy concerns associated with them! 

Here are 10 human foods that are safe for dogs.

1. Eggs

If you feed a dog an egg, you generally don’t have to worry as long as the egg is fully cooked. The best option is hard-boiled eggs because after you remove them from their shell, they’re a simple dog-friendly snack

Eggs have a high amount of protein too, so they’re great for adding a little extra substance to your pooch’s meal!

2. Fish

When it comes to fish, most options like tuna, salmon, and even shrimp are okay to give to dogs. Make sure the fish is fully cooked and any scales or shells are removed as these can harm your dog. Fish can also be high in protein with the bonus of extra amino acids and healthy fats. 

Shrimp offers a lot of vitamin b-12 and doesn’t come with the added calories or carbohydrates. We don’t recommend going overboard with shrimp, but an occasional treat from time to time is okay. 

Tuna, as long as it’s cooked and without any spices, is also a safe treat. Like any treats though, it should be given in moderation. 

3. Pork and Turkey

Traditional meaty proteins like pork and turkey are okay for dogs as long as they’re cooked, without spices or salt, and don’t have any bones in them. 

Pork is packed in calories per pound which makes it a filling meal, while also having a ton of amino acids. 

Turkey has a high amount of protein as well, but any skins or fatty portions should be removed. Those may have a lot of flavors, but they can be harmful to dogs, especially if they’re heavily seasoned.

4. Nori

Nori is a food option we should all be eating more of. If you’ve never heard of it, Nori is a dried edible seaweed that comes from the red algae family. It’s highly popular in Japan and is packed with protein, vitamins B, C, E, and other valuable minerals. 

On top of all the health benefits it packs, Nori can also help with an immune system, metabolism, and it may even be used to ward off tumors! 

If you want to eat healthy alongside your pet, serve up some Nori with their dog food! While focusing on health, remember that exercise for your dog is also important. Whether your pet is with us for dog daycare or dog boarding, we’ll make sure they expend enough energy!

5. Quinoa

Quinoa is another food we should all probably consume a little more often. After all, it is a superfood. Quinoa is healthier than traditional grains or corn, and it’s loaded with energy. 

Quinoa is used in some dog foods too, but serving it organically is a great way to treat your pet. We do not recommend seasoning the quinoa with salt or other common human spices though as these can have unwanted effects.

6. Yogurt

Although some dairy is not dog-friendly, plain yogurt is generally ok for them to consume. 

Plain yogurt has tons ofprobiotics. If your dog has no trouble consuming it, plain yogurt is one of the foods you can add to their food bowl to help keep things lively. 

However, if you notice your dog coughing it back up, or having constipation or diarrhea problems, we recommend avoiding all dairy products. It’s rare for a dog to be lactose intolerant, but it is possible!

7. Cheese

Cheese is another dairy you can sometimes feed to your dog. It really comes down to the type of cheese and how your pooch responds to it though. 

We recommend giving low-fat cheeses in moderation. Treat it like you would treat a piece of chocolate for humans. On the note of chocolate, DO NOT feed your dog chocolates. It’s not some old wives’ tale that chocolate can kill dogs. 

Chocolate has methylxanthines, which can cause all sorts of problems like seizures, heart issues, metabolic failure, and more when consumed by a dog. Keep the sweet treats to yourself no matter how cute your pet looks! 

8. Coconuts

Coconut milk and coconut meat are generally safe for dogs. The lauric acid in coconuts can even help combat viruses! 

On top of the preventive benefits of coconut, it can also help with things like hot spots, itchy skin, and even pesky fleas! If you notice some stress signs in your dog, try adding a little coconut to their diet to see if it aids in helping them out! 

9. Peanut Butter

A spoonful of peanut butter can be great for humans and dogs! Organic peanut butter is packed with proteinsand healthy nutrients. 

With some of our dog boarding packages, we’ll even provide your dog with Kong’s filled with peanut butter as a treat! 

Before giving your dog peanut butter though, make sure to read the label and check if it has Xylitol. Peanut butter with Xylitol can be harmful to your pet, so avoid letting them lick the spoon or adding a chunk of any dangerous kinds of peanut butter to their bowl!

10. Sweet Potatoes

Not only are they sweet for us, but sweet potatoes can also be good for your dog! 

Sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients. Like, a lot of nutrients. If you cook them thoroughly and mash them up, they can be added to your dog’s food for an added boost of: 

  • Copper
  • Magnesium 
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Fiber 

And more! The next time you’re cooking up some sweet potatoes for yourself, add an extra for your dog to give them a treat that goes a long way.

Want More Dog Knowledge?

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