Best Holiday Gifts For Your Dog, Okemos MI

Just because your pup may not know what to do with wrapping paper, it doesn’t mean they won’t love a few extra toys and treats! If you’re a dog lover, you’re probably doing some digging of your own to find out what the best gifts for dogs this year are. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right blog! 

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1. A Doggy DNA Test

You may have heard of DNA tester kits for humans. They can find out whether you’re dutch, or Irish, or if you have a trace of Scandinavian in you. But did you know you can get one for your pup too? 

No more saying, “Uh, she’s like a lab mixed with a cocker spaniel and something else…” You’ll finally know what kind of dog yours thanks to a dog DNA kit!

And this is great for your doggy too! Knowing what breed your dog is can help you better understand them by learning things like how much exercise your dog needs, best diets for your dog, and signs your dog may be showing you! 

2. A Bacon Bubble Machine

You read us right! A bacon bubble machine!

Dogs typically love bubbles. And when outside around bubbles, they’ll usually try to chomp them. Some brilliant mind came up with the idea to create a bubble blower for dogs that uses a dog-safe bubble solution, flavored like bacon!

With this doggy holiday gift, your dog can enjoy the fun of popping bubbles without you having to worry about them consuming soapy products! 

3. A Doggy Daycare Membership

Like a resort for your puppy or doggy, a doggy daycare is a place that’ll take care of them while you’re at work or away on vacation. 

At Dog Gone Fun, we don’t cage your pets. Every dog gets its own suite with a bed and either a TV or soft relaxing music. On top of that, we make sure they get plenty of exercise, love, and a proper diet

If you’re looking to treat your dog to some luxury rather than leaving them home alone, a doggy daycare service might be the perfect holiday gift. 

4. An Electronic Ball Thrower

Fetch is a classic game for dogs. But what if you’re not a fan of throwing a ball over and over again, or what if you can’t seem to throw it far enough for your dog to get a good run in? 

Well, an electronic ball thrower is here to help. 

Electronic dog ball launchers usually come with a variety of distance options so that your dog can get the challenge they want. And when they bring the ball back, they can either drop it in the machine themselves (if you train them!) or if they bring it back to you to keep you a part of the fun! 

No more throwing out your shoulder just to try and gain a few extra feet from a throw! 

5. A Dog Treat Ball 

These are simple dog gifts that can go a long way. 

A dog treat ball helps stimulate your dog’s mind while rewarding them with treats. The treats can only get in or out of the ball one way, which gives your dog a fun challenge.

These are great ways to entertain your dog while something like a movie is going on. Dogs need stimulation to stay healthy, and you may notice things like hair loss or restlessness if they’re not getting it. A dog treat ball can keep them stimulated and in one location where you don’t have to worry about them chewing something else up or peeing on the carpet. 

6. An Interactive Dog Feeder

On the note of mental stimulation for your dog, a smart dog feeder might be the move for you and your doggy. 

Interactive dog feeders are also known as dog puzzles and require a certain pattern, process, or secret to solve them. Incredible dog feeders like Cleverpet use LED lights to stimulate your dog’s mind with fun, interactive games.

Dog puzzles are popular if your dog is stressed too because it gives them something to do rather than allowing their anxiety to fester! 

7. A Dog Smart Collar

A dog smart collar for your dog is also a gift for yourself. Does your dog like to run off? Does it enjoy trotting down the neighborhood with no real destination? Have you ever lost your dog and panicked about where it could be? 

A dog smart collar can put an end to all that because it has a built-in GPS. On top of that, some smart collars have active monitor settings so you can keep an eye on how much exercise your dog is getting. These settings are often customizable by breed, gender, and age. 

Why not save yourself from future headaches and get your dog a gift that keeps an eye on them and their health? 

8. A Heated Pet Bed

If your house gets cold at night, or if your dog doesn’t have a lot of fur, you may worry about them shivering. 

A heated pet bed may be able to help, and it will certainly be a comfortable place for your pup! Dog beds have come a long way over the years and they continue to get better. With a heated pet bed, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s spot being good or comfortable enough. You may even be a little jealous of it! 

9. A Doggy Raincoat 

Your dog needs exercise every day just like you do. Rain or shine, they want to be out doing something. 

A doggy raincoat is a perfect gift for your dog because it means you don’t have an excuse not to walk them anymore! 

But, it does also benefit you, because we all know what happens when a dog gets out of the rain... With a doggy raincoat, you won’t have to worry about your beloved pooch shaking water all over the paint on your walls. 

10. A Rugged Dog Blanket 

Finally, a blanket durable enough and warm enough to keep your dog happy. We all know the nightly routines of dogs often involve scratching, biting, and rolling around their bed just so they can get comfortable. Rather than go through dozens of blankets, snag them a rugged dog blanket that can handle their routine!

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