3 Questions to ask before boarding your dog, Okemos MI

If you’re going out of town for a few days, the last thing you want to do is leave your dog alone at home. At Dog Gone Fun, our Okemos dog boarding services allow pet owners to have peace of mind when they travel, knowing their best friend is safe and sound.

Here are a few questions we encourage customers who want to board their dog to ask.

1. Is the Boarding Facility Cageless?

Keeping a dog in a cage or crate for long periods of time is a controversial subject. However, even if you crate a dog overnight or while you’re at work, most experts agree that putting a dog in their cage longer than necessary isn’t a good idea. 

Spending too long in a cage can result in your pet experiencing anxiety, fear, depression, or even rage. Some countries take firmer stances against crating than others — in Finland and Sweden, for example, crating is illegal.

Many boarding facilities make sure the dogs in their care get out and play, but they still resort to using cages to keep pets separated, especially overnight. At Dog Gone Fun, your dog will never spend a night in a cage. We’re proud to be a cage-free boarding facility that provides every dog with their own bedroom, making a stay with us much more like staying at home.

2. Does Boarding Include Daycare?

Dogs typically need exercise and socialization throughout their day, and those needs don’t get put on pause while they’re being boarded. Many boarding facilities also provide dog daycare and allow dogs who are being boarded to socialize with dogs who are there just for the day.

At Dog Gone Fun, daily playtime at daycare is included in your boarding costs. If playtime with other pets isn’t exactly your dog’s idea of a good time, don’t worry — we also offer social time with our staff for our more introverted pets at no extra cost to you.

3. How Will the Boarding Facility Keep Me Informed?

Almost all dog boarding facilities will make sure they have an emergency phone number on file if they need to contact you about something urgent for your pet. We will always make sure to keep you informed of any questions or issues with your pet.

Reserve a Room for Your Dog Today

Your pet should have the comforts of home while they’re being boarded. Our Okemos, MI, dog boarding facility will keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy while you’re gone so you can have peace of mind. Call Dog Gone Fun today at (517) 657-4300, or contact us online to make your reservation.

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