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As a pet owner, you’ll have to stay on top of your own exercise routine as well as your animal’s because exercise affects the mental and physical health of your pet. Things like breed type, level of intensity, and consistency also matter when it comes to dog exercise needs. As your Lansing and Okemos doggy daycare, we wanted to provide you with this guide to help cover general things, but be sure to check with us for any specific fitness requirements your dog may have. And of course, if you’re not willing to invest in your dog’s physical health, we recommend holding off on getting a pet pal until you are.

60 Minutes a Day (Generally)

Remember the old “Let’s Move” ads for getting out to play an hour a day? Well, those ads apply to more than just people because your doggo needs that same level of attention!

As your Okemos doggy daycare, we strongly recommend at least one hour of physical exercise for your dog (and you!) a day. This helps keep them both physically healthy and mentally healthy. If you notice your dog is barking a lot more, gnawing on the table, or tearing up the yard, it may be a dog sign that they’re not burning off enough energy throughout their day and they feel neglected.

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When we say exercise, we also mean more than just a casual walk around the block (although for smaller dogs and puppies this can work sometimes!) You want your dog to exercise though, not just stroll. A way to tell if your dog gets enough exercise is if they slow down by the end of the workout. If they’re still bursting with the same vigor they had at the start, chances are they’re not getting enough out of the routine.

As a dog daycare, we know how busy parents’ schedules can get so we promise to give your dog a full day of play and fun. Our goal is that they’ll be ready to snuggle and nap in the evening, not chew on your shoes.

Age and Breed Type Matters

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Puppies sleep a lot. But when they’re not sleeping, they’re usually bursting with energy. For puppy owners, setting incremental play periods will keep your dog on a routine where they’re not tearing apart your sofa.

Play periods could be 15-20 minutes of exercise like fetch or a light jog around the block.

As they grow, exercise time will increase along with the type. A light jog might become a bike ride and the distance may double.

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Your dog breed matters too. Herding dogs, Dalmatians, Terriers, Huskies, and hunting dog breeds need to burn a lot of physical energy throughout the day. Where smaller dogs or dogs with elongated bodies like Greyhounds end up needing a less intense exercise routine.

As your doggy daycare, we’ll be sure to get your dog as much exercise as they need without burning them out. If notice your pet needs a break, we’ll escort them to a private suite to rest and recharge.

What Happens If My Dog Doesn’t Get Enough Exercise?

Much like people, a lack of exercise in a daily or weekly schedule can create problems in your dog’s health. Common factors that people face like obesity, heart disease, respiratory issues, and diabetes are all still possibilities with your doggy. The same goes for things like arthritis and joint failure.

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Just like humans, dogs need to stay moving to stay healthy, and failure to do so means that their bodies are at a higher risk for premature failure.

As your doggy daycare, we’ll be sure to establish a daily exercise routine for your pooch so they stay happy and healthy. Please contact us with any questions you may have about exercising your pet!

Exercising Things to Know

When it comes to exercise routines, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • A routine is great, but a new trail or route will help keep your dog’s mind stimulated. This helps give them a better workout.
  • Inclement weather should always be taken into consideration. Excessive heat and freezing temperatures should be avoided for certain breeds.
  • Most dogs will drink more water when they get home than at the daycare or while out exercising.
  • Dogs do like to check on their favorite spots! If you notice your dog always taking an interest in a house or tree while out for a dog walk, it may just be special to them.
  • Dogs can benefit from playing indoors as long as they’re getting attention and play for a proper duration.

Whether you’re a puppy owner or you’ve had a dog for ten years, it’s never too late to give your dog the love and attention it needs through proper exercise!

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise? 

Dog Groomers in Okemos MI

If you work all day and have to leave your dog in a crate, it might be time to consider a dog daycare. OurOkemos, MI dog center will be sure to give your dog the proper love and attention it needs so that you can continue loving it into a healthy, old age. If you’re curious about our services, feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (517) 657-4300.