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There are many reasons that dogs bark. Even our Okemos, MI, dog trainers agree that sometimes barking can be useful, such as notifying you of an intruder in your home. 

Many dogs, however, bark more often than their owners would like. Known as “nuisance barking,” this type of barking can be controlled through proper training. 

Here are 5 ways to get a dog to stop barking.

1. Ignore Bad Behavior

Yelling at your dog will only make the barking worse, because to them it sounds like you’re barking too! It’s much better to ignore the excessive barking. If your dog is barking for attention, they’ll soon learn that this is not how to get it from you. 

2. Fix the Triggers

Many dogs bark as a reaction to stimuli in the environment. When you remove these stimuli, you can cut down on a lot of excessive barking. 

For example, dogs often bark when people walk past your house on the sidewalk. This can happen many times a day! However, if you simply close your curtains during the day, your dog won’t be able to see every person that walks past. 

Similarly, if your dog always barks at other dogs, proper socialization can help them get used to other dogs being around without feeling threatened. Exposure to other dogs will eventually desensitize your pup so they don’t see all other dogs as a danger to bark at.

3. Give Your Dog a Cue to Be Quiet

When training a dog to stop barking, you’ll need to give them a cue so they know when it’s time to be quiet. This could be a word, like “quiet,” or a gesture like putting a finger to your lips (or both!) This cue must be delivered in a calm but firm fashion and, as mentioned above, cannot be yelled at your dog. 

Pro-tip: Give your dog a small treat each time they respond how you’d like during the training process to further cement the behavior.

4. Make Sure Your Dog’s Needs Are Met

Dogs tend to bark less when they’re tired. If your dog is getting enough exercise throughout the day, you’ll find that they’re quieter when it’s time to settle down. 

Make sure to take your dog for walks and let them run around in the yard. The amount of exercise each dog needs varies from breed to breed, but your veterinarian can tell you how much physical activity your dog should get each day. 

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If you want to ensure your dog moves around during the day while you’re busy at work, ask us about our dog daycare service!

5. Enforce Good Behavior 

Reinforcing good behavior is a great way to ensure that your dog will repeat it. When your dog stops barking, even if it’s just for a moment, give them a treat. This will not only interrupt the barking behavior, but also will teach your dog that being quiet will be rewarded. 

This method, when paired with the “quiet” command mentioned above, will help your dog learn the right way to behave. If you keep doing this, eventually your dog will stop barking unnecessarily. 

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